You Got Me

  NaPoWriMo day eighteen. I had a night off last night to go chuffing and boozing with friends so this is poem number seventeen. It’s called You Got Me. This one has been written with Ghost Poet’s, Off Peak Dreams ear worming me all day, I can’t get it out of my head today. It’s called You Got Me…

Okay so I lied,

you got me,

I lied but I meant well.

I tried to keep it from you,

you got me,

I hid the truth but I meant well.

What you don’t know won’t hurt you,

what you don’t know won’t cut you,

won’t make you cry.

And now you know the truth,

you got me.

Now you know I lied,

you got me,

it’s me that wants to die.


  NaPoWriMo day nine and here’s poem number eight. I have almost caught up, what excitement. This one is called Heartache…

I don’t want the sun to shine

it won’t sit well with me today.

I want to stand out in the rain

and wash away this misery.

Let the rain come cruel and fast

batter, bruise and soak my flesh

until my body feels the hurt

I carry somewhere deep within.

Let it splash against my face

to hide the tears I shed for you.

I want to cry until I ache,

and I am cold, hard and spent.