The Bowie School of Writing/ A Modern Romance

This morning I was reading about the style of writing that Bowie was so fond of a few years ago – you know, the one where he cut up words from his own diaries & used them to build songs.

I thought I’d give it a go with a poem but, slight problem, I haven’t written a diary since I was about ten and even if I wanted to go that far back they were lost a long time ago.  I don’t remember what I said in them but my guess is they wouldn’t be as interesting as David’s anyway. Thinking about it, it was probably mainly about horses, scrumping (we did a lot of that in those days although I don’t know why, the apples were always sour) and my crush on Geoff Dyson. Hmm, I wonder what he’s doing now?

Anyway a substitute diary needed to be found so I picked on the next best thing which was my Outlook calendar from work. I should explain, I spend most of my working day in meetings & I also use it to set myself reminders so it’s pretty full. The result was a poem made up almost entirely of business speak but I quite like it. What do you think? It’s called A Modern Romance… Continue reading “The Bowie School of Writing/ A Modern Romance”