The Bowie School of Writing/ A Modern Romance

This morning I was reading about the style of writing that Bowie was so fond of a few years ago – you know, the one where he cut up words from his own diaries & used them to build songs.

I thought I’d give it a go with a poem but, slight problem, I haven’t written a diary since I was about ten and even if I wanted to go that far back they were lost a long time ago.  I don’t remember what I said in them but my guess is they wouldn’t be as interesting as David’s anyway. Thinking about it, it was probably mainly about horses, scrumping (we did a lot of that in those days although I don’t know why, the apples were always sour) and my crush on Geoff Dyson. Hmm, I wonder what he’s doing now?

Anyway a substitute diary needed to be found so I picked on the next best thing which was my Outlook calendar from work. I should explain, I spend most of my working day in meetings & I also use it to set myself reminders so it’s pretty full. The result was a poem made up almost entirely of business speak but I quite like it. What do you think? It’s called A Modern Romance…

First night

Fresh challenge.

Quiet table

Initial talks

In depth discussion

Meeting of minds.

Finish dinner

Settle bill.

Move on?

Final drink.


Hand in hand

Book room?

One to one

Go for it

Nearing completion

Last push

Objective reached

Feedback sought

Assurance given.


No sign

Lone coffee

Situation reviewed

Pleased with results

No regrets.


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