It’s all about me

Why is it always so difficult talking about yourself? Or is that just me?

Well here goes, best foot forward and all that…

I’ve only been a writer for a relatively short time. Before that I worked in the energy industry for what seemed like forever, and before that I had lots of jobs, including working for a telephone dating company where I met lots of lovely people and lots of lonely people. I had a fair few goes at tele sales, despite being a terrible sales person. And, for a brief spell, I worked in a university science library. I loved it but it made me wish I hadn’t dropped out of school too early to follow my university dream.

I also managed to have two kids who are now adults and leading their own lives.

While all of this was going on, I wrote here and there, mostly poetry and the occasional short story. It wasn’t until I managed to finally leave the day job that I was able to take writing seriously and publish my first novel. I haven’t been able to stop writing since.

I live with my partner in Birmingham, England. It’s a big city with a strong industrial heritage but it’s also surprisingly leafy. I’m lucky enough to live near some wonderful parks, nature reserves and canals which allows me to pursue some of my other passions – walking, pointing at wildlife and saying ‘Ooh’ and generally enjoying the open air.   

When I’m not doing that I can usually be found writing, or researching for the books I’m writing. So basically, it’s all about the writing these days. If you want to know more, you can join my Readers’ Club and get monthly updates from me, as well as a free book.

If you’re just here for the books, feel free to check them out here.

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