Want to know what Frank’s story is about?

I’ve just finished the description of Frank’s story and wanted to share it with you. It might get tweaked a bit before publiction but here it is:

The past is only a phone call away.

It’s the Easter break and Frank O’Hare plans to spend it painting big, bold sunsets. Until he gets a call that changes everything.

His useless brother, Martin, has gone missing, although he’s been seen in Glasgow by hopeless Cousin Finn. Under orders from the family, Frank’s on a mission to retrieve the runaway and send him back to Belfast. But when Martin makes off with Finn’s campervan, Frank is dragged into a road trip through the Scottish Highlands with nothing more than an overnight bag, an ancient phone, and a whole heap of memories.

But not all trips are fun, and not all memories are good.

As the challenges get harder, so too do the memories. Frank is transported back to a time when, along with Finn and Martin, he and Billy Mac were the Band of Brothers, four young eejits trying to stay away from the kind of trouble that shapes your life forever.

All he wants to do is get home and avoid calls from his disappointed ma and his bossy sister. The trouble is, Martin seems intent on getting the gang back together again. But Billy Mac is conspicuously absent, no one wants to talk about it, and Frank would rather the Band of Brothers stayed in the past where they belong.

Because people change. Things happen. And some words are best left unsaid.

What do you think?

Right, now back to the writing.

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