Have you read Meeting Annette Grey yet?

‘Edie put on her mac and her favourite bucket hat. Her great-nephew, James, had once declared that she looked like an acid house stoner in it.

She’d assumed the part of innocent and slightly dotty old auntie for his sake and pretended to know nothing of such things. In fact, she was quite partial to a bit of Primal Scream. But James didn’t need to know that.

She merely told him it served its purpose and neglected to mention that it was highly likely she knew more about acid house stoners than he did.

She also failed to mention that she liked the way its bright green colour brought out the best in her eyes, when they weren’t hidden by the brim. At her age it didn’t do to admit vanity still reared its ugly head occasionally.’

Have you read Meeting Annette Grey yet? It’s short and sweet. Just like Edie.

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