Cold Turkey

Here’s a new poem from me brought on by a song I heard yesterday on BBC 6 Music. I’ve never heard the song before & can’t even remember what it was called or who sang it but it placed a riff in my head that I needed to do something with. Here’s the result –  not a song obviously but then, much as I love music, I’m not terribly musical.

 Cold Turkey

Gotta break the habit of you

stuck in my veins like a permanent fix.


Gonna shake you off

erase all memory

delete you from my contacts

de-friend you.

Gonna stop lying to myself

your tweets do not contain a coded message to me.

Gonna stop following you

stop hanging around your street corner

or going to our old cafe

drinking my body weight in coffee

in the hope of seeing you

‘cos if wanting you don’t kill me

then the caffeine sure will.


Gotta get a new habit

get used to being alone.

Going cold turkey.

Going cold turkey.

Yeah, I’m going cold turkey.


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