Half Life

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It’s been a while since my last blog but I have been beavering away editing some of the poems I posted during NaPoWriMo. That said I have managed to put together one poem. I hope you like it

Half Life

When you come to me tonight let’s not talk of them

and the things you do when I’m not there.

Let’s talk of what we might do, could do,

if it were just you and me.

Let’s pretend you’ll be here in the morning

sharing poached eggs and coffee,

talking about the day ahead across the table.

Let’s make plans of weekends away

and dinner parties with friends

even though they won’t happen.

Then should you mention something

with that look of sorry embarrassment

an anniversary or a birthday party,

something you can’t get out of

I’ll pretend my insides are not cut into a thousand pieces

that I understand ours is a half life for you

just one part of your sum.

I’ll tell you it’s the same for me too

that my time is not centred on waiting for snatched moments

when we have some meaning and for a few hours

my life is whole.

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