Gentle Spring

NaPoWriMo Day 16. Over the half way mark now. Today’s poem is called Gentle Spring. I thought I’d write something inspired by the lovely weather we’re having at the moment. Although I’m not much of a gardener I do love the sight of spring flowers, the first butterflies and the big fat bumble bees when they crash into my conservatory windows. They’re so huge they’re not even in the slightest bit stunned. Marvelous. Anyway here it is. It’s called Gentle Spring

Gentle Spring

Chilled mornings

clinging on to winter

give way to almost summer

as the day moves on.

The heady fragrance of

snow-white Lillies of the Valley

invoke memories of grandmothers

long ago lost.

Early butterflies and fat bumbles

dance on canary coloured Daffodils.

Birds busy themselves nesting

in forests and glades

where gentian waves of Bluebells

sway as the breeze finds its way

through wooded gaps,

the trees not yet ready

to unfurl their verdant canopies.

Bright and blowsy Tulips

open their faces to the sun,

still weak, and carry us through

to warmer, longer days.

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