My Magic Box

NaPoWriMo Day 21 and today’s poem is called My Magic Box, after Kit Wright’s The Magic Box. I wrote this some time ago but have reworked it a little so I think I can count it in project NaPoWriMo 2014.

 My Magic Box

I will put into the box
the stuff that disappointments are made from,
missed opportunities brought about by fear,
the heavy burden of guilt that follows no logic.

I will put into the box
my failings as a mother, lover, daughter
black hearted words that fell so easily from my tongue,
my father’s dying breath

I will put into the box
dark thoughts that paralyse me with self-loathing,
days when I am blighted by inexplicable sadness,
feelings of loss for something that was never there.

I will put into the box
the red hot pain of betrayal
the purple sting of failure
and the green poison of envy.

My box is made of basalt reinforced with titanium and steel
with a hole big enough for me to push through the key once locked,
to keep it so forever

I will bury my box under a mountain
and leave it to lie undiscovered for all time
so that I may never have to face again
the source of my inadequacies.