The Picnic

  NaPoWriMo day twenty two and poem number twenty two is called The Picnic. Today NaPoWriMo’s optional prompt was to write a pastoral poem so this is my modern take on one…

The Picnic

We laid out our picnic, grateful

to have found a quiet spot on this pleasant day.

The park though large and rambling was popular

with families and couples alike so it was nice

to have found a niche, a sleepy hollow

where few seemed to tread.

With only the faint hum of the city in the background

we sat civilised with our wine, olives and brie

and watched nature doing its work around us.

Birds flew down to peck at stray crumbs;

a few rabbits went about their business

from a safe distance, heads bobbing up

and down, ever on watch.

And then from nowhere a fox strode into view.

Stopping mid stride he turned towards us.

Transfixed, we daren’t move

lest we frightened him away.

Unlike his mangy street cousins

this one was big and bold with a strong coat

and gleaming eyes that did not waver.

He seemed to hold our gaze forever

but really it was a matter of minutes

before he dismissed us as harmless

and trotted off to some unworldly place.

We went back to our rustic feast, confident

that we had witnessed something magical.