Saving Geraldine Corcoran is out now

One shameful secret. One hidden letter. Two unlikely guardian angels.

Geraldine Wilde has been afraid for as long as she can remember.

Mostly, it’s the little things that frighten her. Little things like putting flowers on her mum’s grave. But Geraldine gets by. She has a secret system to calm her nerves and keep everything hidden so that no one suspects she’s not normal.

But when her daughter, Netta, stumbles upon a hidden letter, a terrible secret returns to haunt her. She’s tormented by the memory of Geraldine Corcoran, the tragic girl who was once saved by the remarkable Ada Wilde and her son, Arthur.

Suddenly, the system is unravelling. Geraldine’s fear is spiralling out of control and, this time, there’s no one left to rescue her. Ada is dead, and her beloved Arthur is an old man who tiptoes around her as if he’s treading on eggshells. Netta can’t help her and, to make matters worse, that mouthy Kelly Payne insists on befriending her.

Geraldine is sinking and she can’t find a way back up to the surface.

Is there anyone out there who can save her now?

Not all guardian angels have wings and halos. Sometimes they come in the most unlikely packages.

If you like Harold Fry, Eleanor Oliphant or Veronica McCreedy, you’ll love Geraldine Corcoran. Perfect for fans of moving and uplifting page-turners.

Saving Geraldine Corcoran.

A riveting and uplifting summer read.

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