Book Review: Dear Grace by Clare Swatman

Sometimes friendship can turn up in the unlikeliest of places.

As soon as Anna meets Grace, she knows there’s something special about her. Despite the age gap – Grace is 94 and Anna is 39 – the two connect and friendship blossoms. Bit by bit the lives of these two lonely women are brightened by each other’s company and neither can imagine their lives without the other in it. Unfortunately, not everyone is as pleased about it as they are. Grace’s great-nephew Tom, for one. Not only does he suspect Anna’s motives, he also does not like the effect she’s having on Aunty Grace. Grace’s new found independence is dragging up old memories that seem to be unsettling her. Memories about the man who left her at the altar long before she married her beloved Roy. Anna embarks on a project to help Grace gain closure which does not go down well with Tom. And Grace has her own project. All she has to do is get Anna and Tom to like each other and the rest should be easy.

There were no great surprises in this book but that didn’t matter. I still couldn’t wait to return to it every time I put it down. A charming and heart-warming story and a perfect holiday read. Funny, touching and uplifting. Grace is a lovely, sweet character. One I could easily fall in love with.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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