Being Netta Wilde – Hazel Warde

Lovely review on Netta here from Eatwell2015

Eatwell Reads-Well

Netta puts up with a lot in my opinion, and I felt that she was totally taken advantage of by her ex Husband and grown up children – especially her children, expecting her to pay for everything, yet not wanting to spend time in her company. Netta comes across as a totally likeable character – it’s just the rest of her family that are the problem, especially her ex, Colin, who rings her up to complain about the fact that she’s been made redundant – seemingly more worried about his handouts, than Netta’s welfare!

Netta seems to have changed a lot since her carefree university days, which are described vividly, where all she was interested in was having fun. It felt as though Colin had gradually eroded her confidence over the years, and poisoned the children against her.

Being made redundant and getting involved with volunteering at the food bank…

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