Water Song

  NaPoWriMo day nineteen and here’s poem number nineteen. It’s called Water Song

I cried a river

Seems a strange thing to say

But when I left you tonight

I cried a small pond.

Your mind went on a journey some time ago

But the rest of you refused to follow.

Tonight it came back for a visit

And your clarity overwhelmed me

When you finally leave

And all hope is gone

I’m sure I’ll sob an ocean

But perhaps in time

It will reduce to




One thought on “Water Song

  1. Pamela Morse – Tucson, Arizona – an expert teacher of swimming and aquatic skills who enjoys water play and water sports, along with the terrestrial fun of gardening, cooking, and sharing food.
    Pamela Morse says:

    This one has great shape and flow…like the water itself

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