The Big Man Left the Kettle On

  NaPoWriMo day eight and here’s poem number six, it’s called The Big Man Left the Kettle On. Only two behind now – back on track by the weekend, hopefully….


I think the Big Man left the kettle on this morning

‘Cause when I woke up the world was all steamed up.

I imagine a huge kettle on a gigantic old gas hob boiling away.

Maybe the postman called and he got distracted,

forgot it was there.

It can happen.

Then I wonder how I’m gonna get the message to him,

let him know he’s causing a problem down here

and if he doesn’t address it there could be chaos.

I don’t know his number or his email address.

He doesn’t do twitter.

There’s not even a beanstalk to climb for me to knock on his door.

So I decide there’s only one thing to do.

I stick my own kettle on and make a nice brew

then put my feet up and focus on the mist.

I keep on thinking over and over

“Turn it off Big Man, turn it off.”

Before I know it the fog begins to lift and the sun is shining.

I’m so pleased with myself that I make another cup

and picture him sitting up there with a big mug himself, saying

“I’m glad someone down there’s thinking of me.”

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