Let me sit by the canal side

NaPoWriMo Day 26. Today’s poem is called Let me sit by the canal side.

I am quite fond of a nice canal walk & we have many canals in Birmingham as a result of our industrial heritage. I thought I’d make it extra difficult for myself by writing in rhyming couplets which I have to say is one of the hardest pieces of writing I’ve ever done. Hopefully the result is not too disastrous

Let me sit by the canal side

Let me sit by the canal side

where I can watch the barges glide

through deep and narrow waterways

cut by men in bygone days.

In a time when things were made

and industry the only trade

in a city where skies grew red at night

from fiery furnaces glowing bright

barges pulled by horses strong

carried their loads all day long.

Such days are gone but the canal it stays

a sleeping monument to glory days.

Now a place of quiet pleasure

its only industry is leisure.



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