The Garden

NaPoWriMo Day 20 and today’s poem is called The Garden

The Garden 

Today I saw children playing

in the garden, the one I see

as my train pulls into the station;

the one that looks empty

but not quite abandoned;

that tantalises me, draws me in

with suggestions that someone

might live there – a piece of furniture

or a broken toy, fragments of other

people’s lives that I know nothing of.

I saw no adults, just three small children

running happily through unkempt grass,

jigsaw pieces in a larger puzzle,

and I wondered again who lived there.

We see so much these days with

mass communication, electronic windows

into the lives of people we think we know.

We forget in reality there are many

in our own neighbourhoods that exist

without our knowledge or consent

and we without theirs.

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