Food Bank

NaPoWriMo Day 9. Today’s poem has a more serious tone which is probably a bit more relevant to British readers but hopefully readers from the wider world we see where I’m coming from. If you’re not from the UK you may not know that food banks are a relatively new phenomenon here but one that many people have come to rely heavily on just to get themselves and their families through the week without going hungry.

Food Bank

Today there are banks that do good.

Today there are people

who save lives daily through

simple acts of kindness.

Hand to mouth,

to handouts.

This is how they live now

the unemployed;

the sick;

the vulnerable

re-contextualised as demons

by Teflon suited goons

who hold up singular examples,

poster boys and girls for all

that is wrong with the

molly coddling,



nanny state.

Move the blame,

move the shame.

This is the Big Society in action.




Which are you?

We are all philanthropists now.

















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