On Meditation

Day Two of  NaPoWriMo and here’s poem number two. It is especially for my dearest Rachel who thinks I can only write depressing things.

I have always liked the idea of  meditation but have never been able to empty my mind sufficiently to do it successfully. Maybe I’ll try doing this. I do have a recurring dream that I’m flying although it’s usually because I’m trying to make my way to something and I’m very, very late. I did think of writing about that but that might sound a bit too depressing…

 On Meditation

Parents cluck around children

playing rough and tumble.

Two girls conjoined

by a single headphone

fail badly to harmonise.

Students basking

in the midday heat

share chips, dips and cheap wine.

A football game

vies with beeping horns

and angry cars

to form a wall of sound

that encircles me.


From my grassy perch

I rise and inhale.

Like a trained athlete

I find my mark

and take a run up,

swift and measured

then leap

face up to the sun.


I soar towards blue skies

then glide

in the cool, fresh air.


I eat my fill

of pink candy floss clouds.


I make my return

and the world is mine again.

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