Diary of an urban walker

 Canal Graffitti 5

I said walker not wan… oh never mind.

Anyway I’ve had a very busy few weeks hence the lack of blog last week. As well  as the usual work stuff Ricky Boy & I have been been out & about quite a lot lately. Nights out have included a Harry Hill extravaganza (not always my cup of tea but oh how I laughed) and the German opera, Lulu performed by the Welsh National Opera. Are we eclectic or what? It was pretty good actually although the story line could have done with a bit of work. Still I suppose it’s more about the music isn’t it?

On top of all that cultural stuff we have also been doing a bit of urban walking – mostly along the canals because, as you may know, Birmingham has more canals than Venice blah, blah, blah. So last weekend we took the train out to  Bournville, the home of chocolate & then walked back to the city centre.  It was a fabulous sunny day & RB brought along his big fat camera so we got lots of lovely photos of urban, arty type stuff as well as a few ducks & geese. Here are a few of my faves. Afterwards we found our way to a lovely Italian called Piccolino where we ate & drank ourselves silly before sloping off home in the early evening.

As we enjoyed ourselves so much last week, we decided to do another walk today. Unfortunately it was bloody freezing so not so much fun. We only managed a couple of miles this time before heading off to a great new cafe called Yorks Bakery for a nice hot lunch to warm us up. I don’t want to give the impression that we’re a couple of greedy biffers who only go for walks to have an excuse to eat but well, you know, it’s good to have hobbies & if you can combine a few then job’s a good un.

So when I’m not working, walking, eating & drinking  I’m trying to finish off a couple of work in progress stories so I’ve posted a poem I wrote last year to keep you going.

Canal Graffitti 2

Canal Graffitti 4

      Canal Graffitti 6

Canal Graffitti 3

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