Squinty eyes stare at me accusingly.

Flaring nostrils convey my presence is unpalatable.

Never mind that I have as much right to be here as she.

I am an unwelcome invader.


Like a misers purse

Open only when necessary

She forces lips apart to dispense a few sour words.

“You’ll have to wait” she spits venomously.

“Ok” I say through gritted teeth.


I sit here.

She sits there … glowering,

Allowing herself the luxury of an occasional grimace

Smug in the knowledge that she is the gatekeeper

The Troll at the foot of the bridge that will not let me pass.


I watch her going about her business

Content with her self-appointed status

A Queen Bee in a tiny hive,

A large piranha in a small pond.

Already I hate her.


My anger bubbles to the surface like hot oil

I want to knock that superior smirk off her face

And tell her she’s a nobody

A jumped up little moustachioed person

That no one likes.


 We exchange looks.

She sits upright puffing out her weedy chest.

I envisage us in one on one combat

Winner takes all.

I’m at least six inches taller than her

I’d win easily.


She opens her mouth to speak.

Like a coiled viper

I am ready to dispense my poison.

“The doctor will see you now.”

“Thanks” I say

Forcing a smile.

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