Bring on the Stags

  NaPoWriMo day eleven and here’s poem number ten. In last year’s NaPoWriMo I wrote a poem about hen weekends called Here Come the Hens. I thought this time round I do a matching piece about Stag weekends. I don’t know if these are purely British phenomenons, I suspect not, but we get quite a few of both in my home town of Birmingham. I’ve added the first poem at the end so that you can view the pair of them together in all their glory. Hope you like them. I’m quite pleased with them…

Bring on the Stags

Bring on the stags,

bring on the stags.

Butting and rutting

and strut, strut, strutting. Continue reading “Bring on the Stags”

Coats and Hats

  NaPoWriMo day ten and here’s poem number nine, it’s about a good old fashioned summer and it’s called Coats and Hats…

Coats and hats are off today

the sun is shining

we’re out to play

on the streets

we will stay

until the moon

closes the day

we’ll have fun and games

and lots of laughter

with scones for tea and

ice cream cones for after



  NaPoWriMo day nine and here’s poem number eight. I have almost caught up, what excitement. This one is called Heartache…

I don’t want the sun to shine

it won’t sit well with me today.

I want to stand out in the rain

and wash away this misery.

Let the rain come cruel and fast

batter, bruise and soak my flesh

until my body feels the hurt

I carry somewhere deep within.

Let it splash against my face

to hide the tears I shed for you.

I want to cry until I ache,

and I am cold, hard and spent.



Jellied Fruits and Dates

  NaPoWriMo day nine and here’s poem number seven, it’s called Jellied Fruits and Dates. It’s slightly out of season but hopefully you’ll like it and it will invoke happy memories of your Christmas past…


A memory lodged inside my head,

a ghost of Christmas past.

We were watching the panto on TV,

I can’t remember which one.

All of us jumbled together

on the old grey sofa in the front room,

skinny arms & legs intertwined

or dangling off the edge,

waiting for Dad to peel clementines

and hand them over one by one. Continue reading “Jellied Fruits and Dates”

The Big Man Left the Kettle On

  NaPoWriMo day eight and here’s poem number six, it’s called The Big Man Left the Kettle On. Only two behind now – back on track by the weekend, hopefully….


I think the Big Man left the kettle on this morning

‘Cause when I woke up the world was all steamed up.

I imagine a huge kettle on a gigantic old gas hob boiling away.

Maybe the postman called and he got distracted,

forgot it was there.

It can happen. Continue reading “The Big Man Left the Kettle On”


  NaPoWriMo day eight and here’s poem number five, Dogs, for all those who think my poems are sometimes too dark…

Dogs are fun

They like to run

They like to jump

They like to hump

They like to stroll

They like to roll


Dogs like to leap and bound

They like to circle round and round

They like being rather silly

They like to lick their doggy willy

They like to barf, they like to fart

They like to sniff your special parts


Dogs are always happy

Being with their human chappy

Dogs are stupid, dogs are smart

Their crazy antics win your heart

Dogs are not a fussy lot

They’ll eat anything you’ve got


Dogs are cool

Dogs rule


NaPoWriMo is back

Last year I took the NaPoWriMo challenge to write a new poem every day in the month of April. I enjoyed it so much I decided to do it again this year. Unfortunately I chose 1st April to go away for a few days without my computer so this is a belated start. To make up for my tardiness I will aim to post two poems a day until I’ve made up the gap.  If you want to check out NaPoWriMo and other would be poets, here’s the link