NaPoWriMo day thirty. NaPoWriMo  2015 has come to an end and here’s my final poem. As I enjoyed writing my poem about dogs I thought I’d also do one about their nemesis. This one’s called Cats. Bye bye NaPoWriMo. Until next year…


Cats are devils in disguise.

They draw you in with big cat eyes.

They rub against you with their fur

and mesmerise you with their purr,

pretend to be your bestest friend

all to meet their evil end.

You think that it’s only you

they do all this stuff to,

then one day you meet

someone living in your street

who calls Kitty by another name

feeds and pets them just the same,

sits and strokes their silky fur

whilst listening to their gentle purr.


  NaPoWriMo day eight and here’s poem number five, Dogs, for all those who think my poems are sometimes too dark…

Dogs are fun

They like to run

They like to jump

They like to hump

They like to stroll

They like to roll


Dogs like to leap and bound

They like to circle round and round

They like being rather silly

They like to lick their doggy willy

They like to barf, they like to fart

They like to sniff your special parts


Dogs are always happy

Being with their human chappy

Dogs are stupid, dogs are smart

Their crazy antics win your heart

Dogs are not a fussy lot

They’ll eat anything you’ve got


Dogs are cool

Dogs rule