Meeting Annette Grey

Two strangers. One park bench. One life changing conversation.

Two strangers go to a park for very different reasons. 

One is looking for a place of escape. The other is there to fulfil a promise to a dear friend.

Annette Grey’s family wants a divorce. They told her so over a curry in their favourite restaurant. The next morning, she packs up her things and leaves. Her life is meaningless now. It’s over. All she has to do is work out how to end it.

Edith Pinsent’s having a busy morning too. The last of her old friends has died and she’s promised one final act of naughtiness. Mission accomplished, she finds a park bench to rest.

But the bench is already occupied by a distraught woman who reminds Edie of her own past. Edie is compelled to take a seat and start up a conversation.

Netta Wilde feels as if she’s always known Edith Pinsent, even though they never met. At least, that’s what she’s always believed.