Educating Kelly Payne

How to learn about love … the hard way.

It’s January and Kelly Payne has change on her mind.

She wants to stop being thick, and she wants to stop loving Will Grey. But how do you make yourself smarter when you hate education, and how do you stop loving someone when your heart doesn’t want to?

Her friend Geraldine says reading makes you clever, so Kelly starts with Pride and Prejudice. Hidden inside is an old postcard that might just change her life. As characters and exotic places come alive, she begins to imagine a different Kelly Payne. One who’s smart, sophisticated and adventurous. And when the beautiful Marcus asks her out, she even dares to dream of a happy ending without Will.

But old doubts have a habit of dragging her down, and when long buried secrets resurface, Kelly finds herself questioning all the truths she holds dear. Then along comes Obie, man of misery, and life is instantly more annoying.

Before the year’s out, two will things become clear. There’s more to education than books and learning, and everything Kelly thought she knew about love and loneliness was completely wrong.

Because happy endings don’t belong in real life. And there’s no man in the world like Mr Darcy, is there?