About me

I’ve always loved reading but there have been times when it took a back seat in my life. I’ve always loved writing too but it was pretty much the same story there.

I don’t suppose I’m the first person to say that sometimes life just gets in the way. I was a busy mum with a demanding career in the energy industry and very little time for anything else. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

So yes, it took me a while to get round to publishing my first book. In fact it wasn’t until I was approaching sixty that I finally took the plunge and left the day job and it wasn’t until I’d passed sixty that I finally published my first novel, ‘Being Netta Wilde’.

My kids are adults now and making their own ways in the world so I’m much less hands-on, except when called upon to do a spot of catsitting. That gives me plenty of time to write, read and do the other things I enjoy. I’m no Frida Kahlo but, when I have time to lose, I like to paint. I also like yoga and I’m trying really hard to like cycling, although that can sometimes be a struggle.

I live with my partner in Birmingham, England. It’s a big city with a strong industrial heritage but it’s also surprisingly leafy. I’m lucky enough to live near some wonderful parks, nature reserves and canals which allows me to pursue another of my passions – walking. When I’m not in Birmingham, I like to spend time in our holiday home (posh name for a caravan) in Shropshire or gad about the country in our motorhome. As you can probably tell, I do like a bit of travel.

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