Finding Edith Pinsent – early reviews are looking good.

I’m over the moon with the reviews that are coming in for ‘Finding Edith Pinsent.’

Here are some snippets:

“The book is so beautifully told and heart-warming, you will be rooting for both Edie and Netta and turning the pages to find out what happens to them. Edie’s story is especially involving, because it includes the Second World War and the 1950s and you really get a feel for the time, as well as the hardships and heartbreak those eras brought, especially for women”

“It’s quite an emotional story full of secrets and the trials and tribulations of being human. Well, that‘s life! So, open your arms, close your eyes and taste the sky as Edith says. A wonderful, inspiring and captivating read.”

“Bittersweet, enchanting and utterly immersive, I absolutely loved this book. The characters are screamingly real to me, honest, vulnerable and brilliantly created, layer upon layer. It is a real comment on the ups and downs of life, chance encounters, the rough course that true love often takes and enduring friendships and loyalties. Hazel Ward’s writing is sensitive, emotional and beautiful. She draws you in and you stay there with bated breath, following the characters as they journey along their paths.”

“This is a worthy successor to Netta Wilde and if Hazel Ward chooses to continue the series, I’ll be first in the queue to read the next book.””This is the second book I have read from this author, absolutely loved it.”

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