City of Echoes

When someone vanishes from an eighteenth-floor apartment that’s locked from the inside, your options are limited.

DI Ash Carter’s colleagues have all but given up looking for his missing girlfriend, Salina. All he can do is try to hold things together and not let the grief consume him. But when an old case mistakenly lands on his desk, he discovers a remarkable similarity to Salina’s disappearance that sets him on a path to uncover the truth behind Salina’s friendship with Kimmie Chan and the strange significance of Birmingham’s most iconic building, The Rotunda.

If you like the sound of my short story, The Crossing Place you can read it here, in the new Birmingham Writer’s Group anthology, City of Echoes.

The anthology is an assortment of stories by some great writers, mainly set in diverse versions of our home town of Birmingham, England.

Last year, we had a great launch party for our 2019 anthology, City of Hope . Sadly, this year’s was not to be, but let’s hope next year will be different.

I’m not quite sure what genre you’d place my story in. It’s certainly not one that I usually write in but that’s what I enjoy about contributing to this collection. It gives me a chance to experiment. My writing friends did give me some suggestions which I scribbled down at the time and then promptly forgot where I put them. Most likely, they’ve ended up in the recycling bin. Anyway, my best guess is that it’s part police procedural, part contemporary fantasy.

If you know better. Let me know.

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