Habit Forming Theory

  NaPoWriMo day twenty nine. One more day to go. I have recently started a new book on how to form good habits, not exactly a literary classic I know but the subject interests me. Anyway, it prompted me to write today’s poem – well that and the fact that I have  wanted to write something with the phrase Moral Turpitude in it ever since seeing Beulah Balbricker accuse Ms Honeywell of it in the 1980’s film Porky’s. A terrible film I know but it made me laugh at the time. For the uninitiated, Ms Honeywell was played by Kim Cattrall. The poem is called Habit Forming Theory…

Habit Forming Theory


get into the habit

of having a habit.


if the habit

is a bad habit,

stop the habit

and get a new habit.

Only have habits

that are good.

Bad habits

will send you into

a spiral of ill health

and discontent.

When you’ve formed

a good habit,

keep to it and

make it a habit.

Good habits

will keep you

strong, healthy and

will generally save you

from a life of

moral turpitude.

End of theory.

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