Elegy for Dying Love

  NaPoWriMo day fifteen. Poem number fifteen was inspired by a line I heard recently in a TV drama which I thought was such a sad line that I had to steal it for the first & part of the second line of this poem. The poem is called Elegy for a Dying Love…


I am losing you.

You do not know it yet but I see it.

I see the snatched looks;

the side glances;

hear your quickened breath;

feel you tremble when he is near.

Your mind is closing to me,

he is your light now.

His knowledge and wisdom

surpass mine in your eyes.

The smiles you saved for me

are locked away safe for him.

Soon you will share secrets

that only I was entrusted with.

We will say goodbye for good

and I will be as a stranger to you;

an old acquaintance at best;

someone you once knew.

I am losing you.

I know it and can do nothing.

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