The Bright Kid

Hello out there. I had myself a little mini break after NaPoWriMo so this is my first poem since it finished. It’s called The Bright Kid

 The Bright Kid

She loved school as a kid.

Always the clever one she never

had to try too hard to be good at it.

At fourteen she got tired, or lazy,

or something and being interested

became too difficult. 

She took it badly when they said they

were putting her down a stream.

It wasn’t exactly the dummies class

but it might as well have been.

For the first time she felt second class.

She wouldn’t let them see it

but it hit her hard.

She held the anger close and

it grew like an ulcer inside her.

She worked her way back to the top

but she couldn’t let go of that feeling.

She would never be a failure again.


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