Two Cuppas.

NaPoWriMo Day 14. Today’s poem is called Two Cuppas. It’s a sort of story in a poem and it’s written after after Roddy Doyle’s, Two Pints which is a very funny book about the conversations had between two men who meet regularly for a pint in a Dublin pub.

Two Cuppas 

Did you hear about Christina’s eldest?

Which one is that then?


Is that the one with the orange face?

She’s always been headstrong that one.

Big hair?

Always been a bit spoilt.

Wears too much make up?

She’s only got herself pregnant.

You’re joking.

I wish I was.

How did that happen then?

How do you think?

No, I mean how did it happen?

Quite, that’s what I said to Christina, I said how in God’s name does that happen in this day and age?

What did she say?

Not a lot.

And the father?


Oh dear God.

I said to Christina, you’ve made a rod for your own back there Christina. If that girl had spent less time playing with Barbie dolls and more time doing homework it would have been a different story.

True enough.

I mean the money they’ve lavished on that one and not a book in the house.

Not one?

I said to her, if only you’d rammed the Female Eunuch down her throat she might have had a bit more self worth and do you know what she said to me?

What did she say?

She said, Feminism is a dirty word these days. Young girls just aren’t interested in that old subjugation argument, they just want to be pretty, drink too much and get knocked up.

Well that says it all doesn’t it?

Emmeline Pankhurst must be turning in her grave.

Not to mention Germaine Greer.

She’s not dead.

Sure I know that but it’s the principle.

I blame that Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City my arse.

Well that’s just the start of it, I could count on my right hand the number of positive role models for girls these days.

Ah you’re right there, it’s shameful so it is.

So, is it the one with the orange face?


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