Big Hair / Seventies Dude

NaPoWriMo Day 8 and the latest poem is slightly more surreal and stream of consciousness.

Big Hair/ Seventies Dude

To my surprise this morning I wake up and find

I’ve turned into a seventies dude with

big hair wide flares and a skinny jacket with giant lapels I

pull on my platform shoes and take a walk outside

there’s a beautiful LA sun shining down on me and

I’m feeling real pleased with myself so I

start riffin’ on a thing that’s

buzzin’ round in my head

“Yeah I got my big hair on/ big

hair/ wide flares/ I’m

a real cool daddy” then

I see another seventies dude coming towards me as

he gets closer I realise he looks exactly like me he

walks right up to me and

we’re standing facing each other like

mirror images and he says “Far out man” so

I say “Is this for real” he

says “no dude you’re dreamin’” so I

say “how did that happen did I drop too much acid” he

shakes his head and smiles “Dude

you’re a forty-five year old woman from Stockport you

just ate too much cheese.”

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