Retro pop art woman & johnny rotten

Andy’s great.

He’s the man to call when you have an electrical fault.

If the toilet’s flooded or the sink’s blocked, Andy’s your man.


He’s there with his paintbrush faster than you can say “Dulux Tailor Made Colour.”


Don’t get me wrong,

it’s not just his handyman skills.

We talk for hours about all kinds of stuff.

I talk about art, poetry and the impact of punk on modern day society.

He talks about shelves, flooring and the importance of water in your car.


You can count on Andy.

So many times he’s been my Plus One

for those awkward social occasions when being a couple is almost mandatory.

He’s always there when I need a lift, advice or a shoulder to cry on.

He’s the best.


Andy wants to be my boyfriend

But he’s no Byron

And he’s no Johnny Rotten either.

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