How do you break a heart?

Barbed Heart

Many of us have, at some time, felt the almost physical pain of losing someone we love either through the breakdown of a relationship or through bereavement.

For some a broken heart is caused by other experiences that can be equally devastating. Those who have been forced to leave their home through fear rather than choice may always leave a part of themselves behind and will never feel whole without it. For others the loss of livelihood leaves their confidence completely shattered and their spirit broken. With the economic situation as it is, the numbers in this category must be swelling by the day.

Some of us are able to fix the cause, or at least live through the pain long enough for it to become bearable, and we come out stronger for it but others are not so lucky. These people’s hearts will never mend completely and their lives will always remain a little  broken.

This week I’ve added a poem that could apply to any of these reasons personal catastrophes. It’s called Tremors.

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