Yes, hello & welcome to my new site & first ever blog.

After nearly two days in the house we’d begun to get a bit stir crazy so this afternoon, with a flask of well peppered Oxo in hand (all out of Bovril), we ventured out to the local park where we met my new friend here.  I have to say it’s one thing looking at it from the window of my Femiden ( aka the spare room, aka my office) but it’s a different story actually moving around in the stuff. What can I say? It was bloody cold out there. Still at least we had some nice hot Oxo to keep us going.

Felt a bit like Scott of the Antarctic for a while bravely striding through the winter wonderland with nothing but my trusty flask, a few scraps of stale bread for the geese and five layers of clothing until we came across a group of teenagers, dressed in jeans, trainers & skimpy tops, rolling around and frolicking in the snow like only teenagers can.  I could hear myself saying “surely they must be cold?” That’s when I realised I was probably less like Scott and more like his old mum worrying whether he was wearing his woolly long johns and if he’d remembered to rub enough Vick on his chest to keep it warm.

It put me in mind of my dad who had a habit of shouting to my older sisters, as they were saying goodnight to their boyfriends at the front gate, “Have you got your vest on?” Oh how we laughed, my younger sister and I, as we spied on them from the bedroom window. Sisters eh, who’d have ’em?

Anyway, in honour of this lovely cold snap, I’ve loaded up another poem called Ice Maiden. Have a read of it. You might like it…

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